RM Gastro Videos

RM Gastro Launch Video
Introducing the RM Modular 600 range. This is a professional solution for smaller kitchens intended for use in small operating units, i.e. in restaurants with an envisaged capacity of up to 100 meals per day with emphasis on minute cuisine. This unit consists of all basic kitchen appliances in 3 sizes - width 33, 66 and 99cm and length 60cm. The height of this unit is adjustable between 86 and 92cm. The gas and electricity versions of the kitchen appliances are available with varying outputs (see table). The individual modules can be mounted on bases of varying widths according to the required and selected model, i.e. 33, 66 or 99cm. The available technical solutions offer a wide range of bases and increase the possibilities for use of the individual appliances in your kitchen.